Fleet Maintenance Software

We track and record all maintenance in your own Fullbay Client Portal, giving you full visibility and control!

Placer Fleet Services is proud to partner with Fullbay to offer our customers an advanced fleet maintenance software solution. This software allows our customers to easily submit service requests, view and authorize estimates and invoices, monitor repair status, track maintenance history, and manage DOT and preventive maintenance schedules.

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Benefits of the Customer Portal

Submit Service Requests

One of the key features of our fleet maintenance software is the ability to submit service requests directly through the platform. This allows you to easily request repairs or maintenance for your vehicles, whether it be for a routine oil change or a more complex repair.

Submitting a service request through Fullbay's platform is quick and easy. You can also attach any relevant documents or photos to the request to provide our team with more information.

View and Authorize Estimates & Invoices

The ability to view and authorize estimates and invoices directly through the platform helps streamline the repair process, as you don’t have to wait for a physical copy to be sent to you. You are also able to access the portal from any location, meaning fleet managers can remain in control of the repair process even if they’re not onsite. 

In addition, our software allows you to view your entire repair history, including estimates and invoices, in one place. This can be especially useful when it comes to tracking expenses and creating repair budgets.

Monitor Repair Status

One of the biggest benefits of our fleet maintenance software is the ability to monitor the status of your repairs in real-time. This allows you to stay informed about the progress of your vehicles' repairs and make any necessary decisions in a timely manner.

This is revolutionary for roadside repairs and helps fleet managers better plan for any downtime and minimize disruptions to their fleet's operations.

Track Maintenance History

Having a comprehensive maintenance history can be incredibly valuable when it comes to planning future repairs and budgeting for maintenance expenses. It can also be useful for tracking the overall health and performance of your fleet, as you can identify any trends or patterns that may indicate a need for more frequent or specialized maintenance.

Manage DOT and Preventive Maintenance Schedules

One of the most time-consuming tasks associated with fleet management is keeping track of DOT Inspections and preventive maintenance schedules. We manage this task for you by scheduling services directly through our fleet management platform.

We’ll work with you to set up custom preventive maintenance schedules for each of your vehicles, based on their specific needs and usage patterns. You can also track your vehicles' DOT inspections and expiration dates, ensuring that your fleet is always in compliance with regulations.

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Impact on your Fleet

  • Faster and more transparent repairs
  • Accurately create inspection and repair budgets
  • Improved unit uptime and revenue

Getting Started 

When you partner with Placer Fleet Services, not only are you getting a world-class repair shop, but you are also getting a customer portal that streamlines repair requests, authorizations, and preventive maintenance. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.  Our partnership with Fullbay helps streamline your business operations, all in one simple-to-use portal. 

Getting started with your customer portal

It’s really this easy… and it really is free!

  1. Let us know that you want access to your portal.
  2. We will send you an email with your unique portal link.
  3. Once inside, bookmark your portal so you can access the great features at any time.
  4. Navigate to the Help and Training section to start learning.