Light Duty Fleet

Light-duty Fleet vehicles fall into the class 1-3 category. They are often used for commercial applications such as delivery or construction, as well as for personal use.

At Placer Fleet Services, we’re an industry leader in light-duty fleet maintenance and repair. Whether you need preventive maintenance for a fleet of light-duty vans, light-duty pickups, or even light box trucks, we’ve got you covered. 

Light-Duty Fleet Vehicles We Service

/ 01 Light-Duty Fleet Vans

Vans are a very popular fleet vehicle throughout North America. Many have powerful diesel engines, whereas others use light-duty gas engines. From Ford’s Transit lineup to GMC’s Savanna offering, there are a lot of light-duty vans on today’s roads. At Placer Fleet Services, we work on them all! From after-treatment system repairs to intensive engine repair and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. 

/ 02 Light-Duty Fleet Pickups

Pickup trucks are another popular fleet vehicle found throughout North America. Due to their strong drivetrains and rugged frames, they’re often used throughout a wide variety of industries. At Placer Fleet Services, we’ve got the tools and equipment to repair every system within your fleet of pickup trucks. We’ll maintain your powertrain, repair your suspension, weld up your frame, and even work right from the roadside for you! 

/ 03 Light-Duty Fleet Box Trucks

Box trucks are a middle ground between pickup trucks and vans. Not only do they have strong powertrains and rugged frames, but they also provide an enclosed space. This means your cargo will be protected from the weather and potential theft. At Placer Fleet Services, we work on light-duty box trucks of all kinds. Our services range from after-treatment service to drivetrain repair. 

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