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Exhaust Systems Repair in Greater Sacramento Area, CA

Diesel exhaust systems play a crucial role in the performance and efficiency of your vehicle or fleet. From filtering harmful emissions to reducing noise pollution, a properly functioning exhaust system is essential for both the environment and your bottom line.

At Placer Fleet Services, we offer a range of services to help keep your diesel exhaust system in top shape. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your exhaust system to check for leaks, corrosion, and any other issues that may impact the performance of your vehicle or fleet. If we identify any issues during the inspection, our technicians will work to repair them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have the tools and expertise to handle a range of exhaust system repairs, from small fixes to more complex issues. 

Most importantly, we work to manage your maintenance schedule to ensure that your exhaust system is functioning properly. We offer a range of maintenance services to help keep your system in top shape, including muffler and exhaust pipe repair.

What is the function of a diesel exhaust system?

A diesel exhaust system has several key functions that are essential to the operation of your vehicle or fleet. Firstly, it helps to filter harmful emissions that are produced during the combustion process. These emissions, including nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, can have a negative impact on air quality and contribute to climate change. A properly functioning exhaust system will reduce these emissions to acceptable levels, ensuring that your vehicle is compliant with environmental regulations.

A well-maintained diesel exhaust system contributes to the performance and efficiency of your vehicle or fleet. An exhaust system that is not functioning properly can lead to reduced fuel economy, increased emissions, and reduced engine performance. This can not only have a negative impact on your bottom line, but it can also lead to costly repairs down the line.

Aftertreatment Process

Your diesel truck’s exhaust travels through a series of exhaust tubing and through several components of the afertreatement process before entering the environment. These components are as follows: 

  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF): captures soot, carbon, and other harmful emissions and prevents them from exiting your system.
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) & SCR Catalyst: responsible for converting harmful emissions like carbon monoxide and NOx into their most basic components. This renders them almost completely harmless once expelled.  

Diagnosing Exhaust System Warning Lights

At Placer Fleet Services, we offer diagnostic services to help identify the cause of your exhaust system warning light. Our technicians will use specialized tools and equipment to perform a thorough diagnosis of your exhaust system and determine the root cause of the issue.

Once we have identified the problem, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining the necessary repairs or maintenance. Our technicians will work with you to develop a plan of action that meets your needs and budget.

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