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Coolant Systems Repair in Greater Sacramento Area, CA

As a mobile diesel truck repair shop serving the Placer and Nevada County areas, we offer onsite coolant maintenance and repairs for fleets at competitive rates and fast turnaround times. Our team of skilled mechanics is equipped to handle all aspects of coolant repair and maintenance, including radiator, fan clutch, and water pump repairs.

The Importance of Coolant Maintenance

The coolant system in your truck is responsible for regulating the temperature of the engine and preventing it from overheating. When the engine gets too hot, it can cause damage to the internal components and potentially lead to costly repairs. Neglecting to maintain the coolant system can result in reduced fuel efficiency, decreased performance, and ultimately, engine failure.

Radiator Maintenance

The radiator is an integral part of the coolant system, responsible for dissipating heat from the engine and preventing overheating. Over time it’s common for radiators can become clogged with debris or even develop leaks. This can significantly impact the efficiency of the coolant system.

At Placer Fleet Services, we offer comprehensive mobile radiator repair to ensure your truck's coolant system is functioning properly. This includes cleaning and flushing the radiator, as well as repairing or replacing any damaged components.

Fan Clutch Repair

The fan clutch is a component of the cooling system that controls the speed of the radiator fan. It adjusts the fan depending on the temperature of the engine. If the fan clutch is not functioning properly, it can cause the engine to overheat or underperform. When starting, your fan will remain off in an effort to encourage combustion. Once it reaches an adequate temperature, the fan clutch will engage and start your cooling fan. This in turn allows heat to be dispersed. A fan clutch that fails may never activate your cooling fan, hence the overheating. 

Our team can perform a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle’s fan clutch onsite and repair or replace it as needed.

Water Pump Repairs and Maintenance

The water pump is a component of your truck’s coolant system that is responsible for circulating coolant throughout the engine and radiator. If this water pump fails, your coolant will remain stationary and fail to disperse enough heat. There are various factors that decrease a water pump's lifespan such as your truck’s age and unchanged coolant fluid that contains debris and sludge. A faulty water pump can cause the engine to overheat and lead to serious damage.

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At Placer Fleet Services, we understand the importance of proper coolant maintenance and repair for light, medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks. If you are in need of coolant maintenance or repair services for your fleet, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer convenient onsite service that works with your company’s schedule. Contact us today to arrange your service appointment. For your convenience, we have locations in both Rocklin, CA and Grass Valley, CA.

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